2021-04-09, 12:55 p.m.
to good to be true

When action starts to speak louder than any words, its time to cut the cord.
The pain and hurt forming into disappointment.
For a connection so strong, the will of not wanting to try not be ready for the challenge
We both held our arms out keeping a shield, for force not strong enough to fight through.
When some thing is right its right when its not its not.
I thought it was worth the fight but now I believe its losing battle, two people have to want this as much as each other.
To deserve the best make you feel like you are the best.
Communication isn’t something that comes easy to me, but even if I opened up im not sure it would of gotten me through.
Now ive felt that connection I know its true, but I shall I look for someone else to treat me like a queen.
My heart is breaking, for I know the words are true, but you’ve checked out of me and you.
Time will take me the direction I need to go if we remain friends who is know.
For now I will morne, smile at the joy that brought the lessons that were learnt.
I want someone who isn’t confused about me where the trust lies strong, im sad it wasn’t you as I thought it could be.
Life works in mysterious ways but if it was meant to be it would.

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